Silverstar Wrecker Service is Weatherford’s Heavy Towing Expert

As you may already imagine, heavy towing isn’t something to be taken lightly (chuckle, chuckle). Dealing with oversized vehicles also means dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment, and Silverstar Wrecker is Weatherford’s most experienced heavy towing service. Our operators are trained, licensed, bonded, insured, and ready to help 24/7. For us, no job is too large.

Heavy towing in Weatherford, TX

Known as the “Cutting Horse Capital of the World”, Weatherford, Texas has a rich and vibrant equine history. Since its founding, professional horse trainers have discovered that the native “sandy loam” soil cushions the horse’s feet and cattle ranchers from all over the country send their cutting horses to Weatherford for training. This has helped the economy, with job growth in Weatherford predicted to 37% in the next ten years.

Such expected growth indicates investments in infrastructure, with means oversized equipment and vehicles needed for construction projects. Silverstar Wrecker is Weatherford’s most experienced heavy towing service. We understand the way of life and know the best routes for efficient and safe heavy hauls.

Also, Weatherford has been ranked the 5th best place to retire in the USA by CNN Money. Citing the city’s proximity to the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, residents can enjoy a rural lifestyle without compromising proximity to all of the conveniences of a metropolitan city.

Final word

As Weatherford grows, so do the demands of its residents and companies that choose to call this city as their home. Make sure you choose Silverstar Wrecker for all of your heavy towing needs. We can guarantee our customers peace of mind with prompt, professional 24/7 heavy towing services. Call us anytime at 817-901-9099 or visit

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