Advanced Light Duty Wrecker Training At Our Weatherford, Texas Location

Even when we are on the go assisting our wonderful customers,  our owners take the time to make sure our light duty drivers are up to date on the newest techniques in the towing world. How to properly use equipment such as snatch block, skates, ball joint skates, and so much more equipment is imperative in making sure that we can safely get your car out of a variety of places and out of sticky situations. This ensures that our drivers are knowledgeable about the multitude of scenarios that can occur when out in the field assisting customers on a day to day basis. To top this off it means that no cars will be damaged during any part of the towing process. As you can see here, our owner Barry Metzing, is going through different scenarios that could possibly use different methods when using a snatch block.  Barry is one owner who’s motto  is “Work smarter not harder. Meaning, know what you’re doing to make sure our customers are taken care of safely and efficiently”.  Talk about a SUNDAY FUNDAY!